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The Breed
Ominous Descent
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The Breed

Ominous Descent: "The Breed"

Deep in the woods, married cousins Eugene and Edith lived and worked on Harris Farms with their twin boys, Elmer and Ernest, and their beautiful little girl Clara. These married cousins from generations of incest loved their children and sheltered them for their safety.

Clara was the only family member who appeared normal, which gave the rest of the family hope for acceptance in the nearby town. The townspeople believed the family had kidnapped Clara and were raising her in a torturous hell, so they harassed the family relentlessly over these myths that the entire town obsessed over.

When Eugene’s daughter went missing, he immediately went to the town for help. The town turned their backs on the disfigured family once again and avoided contact with them. Eugene’s search for Clara only revealed to him how disgusted the town was by the family’s existence.

After years of searching, Eugene realized the townspeople who harassed him and his family had kidnapped his beautiful girl. Something in the entire family just snapped. The disfigured family lost their will to live and gave in to their dark desires. This proved to create unsettling living conditions, and grotesque ways of survival. They lived off the land and became the disgusting breed the town had already feared.

Wade Harris and his henchmen are waiting to greet you at Harris Farms with their Southern Inhospitality.

Will you survive your encounter with the disfigured hell living inside the farmhouse or will your visit turn horrid as you witness The Breed's savage ways?

Welcome home... and enjoy your stay.

Vanished escape game

VANISHED - Escape Game

Myths spread all over town about the Ward family abducting beautiful little Clara and raising her as their own daughter. When Clara goes missing, you take it upon yourself to look for her and uncover the truth behind her disappearance. Was she really the Wards' daughter?

Your search leads you to a small cabin in the woods that you believe to be owned by whoever really kidnapped Clara. You decide to look for clues in the cabin to help you find the missing girl and solve the mystery. Who took Clara?

Help end the savage ways of The Breed and find all the clues before the kidnapper finds you.


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