"The Breed" 2019 Backstory

Deep in the woods, married cousins Eugene and Edith lived and worked on Harris Farms with their twin boys, Elmer and Ernest, and their beautiful little girl Clara. These married cousins from generations of incest loved their children and sheltered them for their safety.

Clara was the only family member who appeared normal, which gave the rest of the family hope for acceptance in the nearby town. The townspeople believed the family had kidnapped Clara and were raising her in a torturous hell, so they harassed the family relentlessly over these myths that the entire town obsessed over.

When Eugene’s daughter went missing, he immediately went to the town for help. The town turned their backs on the disfigured family once again and avoided contact with them. Eugene’s search for Clara only revealed to him how disgusted the town was by the family’s existence.

After years of searching, Eugene realized the townspeople who harassed him and his family had kidnapped his beautiful girl. Something in the entire family just snapped. The disfigured family lost their will to live and gave in to their dark desires. This proved to create unsettling living conditions, and grotesque ways of survival. They lived off the land and became the disgusting breed the town had already feared.

Ominous grim

Ominous Grim is an old, dark spiritual being. While he appears to be human on the outside, Grim is actually an evil and deceptive spirit. His interior soul drives him to leave a trail of pain, despair, horror, and darkness behind him everywhere he goes. He infects victims with dark intentions and their own troubling past memories. He truly brings out the worst in his prey. When Ominous Grim’s infected victims take their last breath, their soul is marked—allowing Ominous Grim to possess and control their darkened soul.

Before there was Ominous Grim there was Osric Stone. A powerful, evil leader of the underground world Kreal, Osric was notorious for his unconventional style of torture and his empty feelings towards life. As his power and reputation grew, his crew started to fear the monstrosity he was becoming. They planned to stop Osric by calling upon a local group of spiritual believers.

The spiritual believers were known exclusively for healing the mind and souls of the Broken. Osric was unlike the Broken, and as they tried to heal him, his dark soul fought back and gained strength, feeding from the energy of the believers’ souls. His body could not tolerate the sheer, raw power that developed inside of him. As a consequence, his body could no longer be sustained and began to decompose while the believers continued to press on. As a green aura began to fill in around Osric, the believers shouted excruciating screams of pain, and they all became motionless, and then quickly lifeless. As Osric Stone raised with the look of death, the darkness of his soul lived on.

Wade Harris

Wade Harris’s son was kidnapped and tortured before he was brutally murdered inside the slaughterhouse owned and operated by Wade Harris and his family. His son’s death led Harris down a path of depression and alcoholism. Harris drank himself to near death before Ominous Grim tracked down and infected the broken man, leaving behind a disfigured face and Ominous Grim’s methods of torture.

This awakened a dark part of Wade Harris’s soul which could only feed on the suffering of his tortured victims. With his family and henchmen, Harris created gruesome torture devices confined in the abandoned, decrepit building he once worked in to feed his sadistic soul.

When Ominous Grim causes destruction to Wade's Butcher Shop and Slaughterhouse, Wade takes shelter deep into the woods where, although the location is different, his torturous ways remain the same.

Once you're infected by Ominous Grim he has control over your soul. Will he take you down the wrong path and leave you victim to Wade's torturous ways?


Wade Harris continued to grow his sadistic crop of depraved maniacs and psychopaths; he led them deeper into the woods and tortured any unlucky soul who stumbled upon the decrepit farming compound.

After Wade's son Jack was tortured and murdered in cold blood, his darkened and tortured soul was used by Ominous Grim to infect William, his own best friend. The fighting between their souls caused William to spiral out of control. He became schizophrenic, demented, and, due to sharing his body with Jack, he showed signs of multiple personality disorder. William's burned and disfigured face became one.

Controlling both souls, Ominous Grim created a crazed, complex killer like no other with the shared killing style of two different but equally tortured souls.


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